John Paulson for Sioux Falls City Council

Working Together. Planning Our Future.

I am a candidate for the Sioux Falls City Council At-Large Position A in the city wide election April 10th. This is an exciting time for Sioux Falls.
We are experiencing growth and new opportunities lie ahead. Let’s put a spirit of cooperation to work for us and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

I’m a native and long time resident of Sioux Falls with over 40 years of strategic planning experience in healthcare and community development.
I understand what it takes to turn vision into reality and am a believer that “what we do together as a community is what will set us apart”.


Why I Want to Be Your City Councilor

To Serve. My interest in public service has even grown stronger since being appointed to the Sioux Falls Planning Commission. My experience has prepared me for carrying out City Councilor responsibilities setting policy, providing direction, and taking legislative action for the future well being of Sioux Falls and each citizen.


How I will Use My Experience

Results. Four decades of civic and business leadership will help me promote united efforts, a respectful process, and what we can do better. Serving on healthcare management teams dealing with critical situations has taught me how to search out new ideas, bring people together, and get things done. Providing leadership in community projects like the Forward Washington High School bond campaign and Sioux Falls Tomorrow Planning helped open up new opportunities for our community.


How I Will Serve You

Enthusiasm and ExcellenceMy commitment is to serve all citizens and enable Sioux Falls to continue to grow and prosper. And, to share accountability with other decision makers and come together for the greater good. Let’s take pride in our wonderful city and celebrate it as a shining example of how great a city like ours can be. Why would we settle for anything but excellence?


You Can Count on Me

Representation. As a City Councilor, my goal is to ensure you know your city government is at work on your behalf – that you are receiving a “good deal” in services, systems, and facilities for your tax dollars – that you can have confidence in the future with a comprehensive plan for growth and workforce development, solid finances, needed housing, and safe neighborhoods – and that each of us has the opportunity to be involved in and make our own contribution to the success of Sioux Falls.


What You Can Expect from Me

Listening and Leading. Community input sessions and research have helped me identify a number of challenges and opportunities as well as leadership priorities for addressing them. My background and leadership skills enable me to provide a visionary approach in Council matters to keep its focus on doing the right things. I have a fair and even way of deciding on issues, an analytical and strategic way of thinking, and long term love of this community.

A community advisory group helped me establish these priorities for leadership and identify critical community challenges and opportunities we must address: 



Priorities to Lead Us:

  • A united Sioux Falls – City excellence
  • Responsive, cooperative government – leadership
  • Open, effective communication
  • Creative partnerships
  • Community resources / workforce development

Challenges and Opportunities We Must Address:

  • Boost the local economy and sales tax revenue
  • Keep our community safe
  • Ensure a “balanced check book” and stable city finances
  • Continue city-wide investments and well-planned growth
  • Expand parks, bike trails, greenway, water resources, convention and visitor venues
  • Provide excellent service, streets, facilities, and transportation options
  • Meet affordable housing needs
  • Add to downtown and core neighborhood revitalization
  • Build on partnerships for unique project solutions
  • Promote a growing and vibrant workforce
  • Be transparent and informed
  • Overcome poverty and accessibility concerns
  • Engage our diverse culture to meet community needs
  • Carry out a cohesive community agenda
  • Maintain Sioux Falls’ tradition of respect and hospitality

Please feel free to contact with me via my personal email address: